170 Sq/Ft of Customizable Tiny Living

Additional Info:

  • Year: 2019 
  • Location Saratoga Spring, New York
  • Tiny House Designer/Builder:  Paul Absalom
  • Trailer Manufacturer: Quality Trailers out of Ohio
  • Trailer Info: 14000 Lbs Capacity. Trailer current weight approx 6500 lbs. 7k/lb axles with electric brakes and easy lube fittings. 
  • Measurements: 8'6" By 20' Long. 170 Square feet
  • Flooring: 2"X8"X20' Pt laid lengthwise with 2 layers of 30 lb felt paper covered by 7/16" OSB board. 2'X6" floor joist combined with Green Fiber Cellulose insulation and 23/32" OSB Tongue and groove completes the well insulated floor.
  • Walls: Walls consist of 2"X4" studs set 24" on center for reduced weight and ease of spray foam insulation or panel foam board insulation.
  • Ceiling: The ceiling consist of 2"x6" rafters with 7/16" OSB covered with 30lb roofing paper finished off with corrugated metal roofing
  • Exterior: The exterior trim is all natural rough cut pine lumber from a local NY lumber mill. The foldable 4'X8' exterior deck can be set up and stowed in minutes by a single person and includes a nice set of railing and stairs not shown in the pictures. Finally the entire exterior was coated with 1 coat of high end exterior primer and 2 coats of Valspar extreme weather Duramax paint for longevity and easy cleaning.


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